whispers, kny, stars, dark academia, sped ups/nigthcore, tanjirooo, shifting, editing, phonk, paracosm, making edits, listening to music for hours


sensitivity, assumptions, exculding me, mint, hot days, toxic whispers, spotify ads, multiplying decimals, bad grades, careless ppl

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Before you follow ...
I barely use tone indicators, may not be online very often due to personal reasons but will try! I May use profanity and very offensive manners as a joke. (please do lmk if uncomfy.) I send many texts in caps, use multiple emojis very often, and send many attachments. I only have access to pinterest and discord.
Do not interact ...
you fit basic "dni" criteria, -11/15+, block after a few mins, dry, judgy, send nsfw/gore without warning, faves-anti, sexualise minors, send chainmail, insult on purpose
Basic DNI criteria !
Racist / xenomisic, anti-LGBTQ+, sexist, ableist, use slurs you can't reclaim, support any kind of abuse/harrasment,